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OxBox is an agency that comprehensively supports business on the Internet.

We take on new projects with enthusiasm and guarantee:

  • High quality implementation
  • Accurate adherence to deadlines and agreements
  • To put the maximum of our experience into each work

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Website development
  • Promo site / Landing Page
  • Corporate website from
  • Online store

We are not just developing websites, but creating full-fledged channels for online sales of goods and services focused on the specifics of your business. Regardless of the scale of the project being developed, we strive to put the maximum of our experience into each of our work. We value our reputation and try to make the process of creating a website simple and interesting for the customer.


  • Promo site / Landing Page from 1 800 $
  • Corporate website from 3 750 $
  • Online store  from 4 800 $

Our sites are correctly reflected on all devices, from large-format monitors to smartphones and tablets, which is a prerequisite for the successful promotion of the site in search engines and ease of use. The study of the specifics of your business and the search for points of differentiation from competitors at the initial stage of work, favorably distinguishes the sites developed in our studio within the industry. This is also facilitated by the design layout of the site developed at a high professional level. The design is developed according to the corporate identity of your company and allows you to present all the information in a clear language, in the right sequence, highlighting only the really important, which is the key to high conversion.

Stages of work:

  • Task formation and analytics
  • Signing the contract
  • Development of the design concept
  • Website programming
  • Conducting tests and launching
  • Training of personnel to interact with the CMS system site content management
  • Maintenance and support
Mobile application development
  • Interface design
  • iOS App Development
  • Android Application Development

OXBOX has the official status of an application developer for iOS and Android. The mobile application guarantees the attraction of new consumers of goods and services, as well as the retention of existing customers. Automation of processes, new sales channels, advantage over competitors are factors that allow you to be one step ahead in your industry.


  • Interface design from 900 $
  • iOS mobile app development from 3 500 $
  • Android Mobile App Development from 3 500 $

After determining the goals for which a mobile application is being created, we study the situation in the digital environment in this area, identify user communication algorithms, develop a prototype and test it. Highly professional design places accents and allows you to intuitively use the application for its intended purpose. A flexible approach to pricing allows you to choose an acceptable ratio of functionality and price of the final product. Simple mobile application: Not complicated functionality. For example, making an application / up to 5 screens Application of medium complexity: Multitasking functionality. For example, shopping cart catalogs, booking, authorization, ranking, integration with the site, iiko, r-keeper, any payment systems, etc. / up to 10 screens Complex application: Unique specialized tasks, animations, database integration, interactive, non-standard tasks

Stages of work:

  • Task formation and analytics
  • Signing the contract
  • Interactive prototype
  • Application design
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Publishing in the AppStore and Google Play
  • Maintenance and support of the application
Website promotion
  • SEO
  • Google Adwords

Just as frequently purchased, popular products occupy the central shelves in supermarkets, the site should be at the top of the first page of the search engine. The logic is the same: I saw it! Took/Clicked! Bought it! Our position when building a website promotion strategy is to take into account not only dry analytics and strict rules, but also to bring some liveliness and an element of direct communication with the audience we are interested in. We pay great attention to feedback from visitors and their behavior on the site, based on this data, we constantly adjust our approach to promotion.


  • The cost depends on the number of regions and search queries. SEO from 1400$
  • Google Adwords from 680$
  • Support from 300$

We will select targeted requests for promotion taking into account your wishes, correct technical errors, expand the functionality using modern Internet marketing tools, give the site an up-to-date and modern appearance. We use our experience and best practices to bring the conversion of the site to a new level.

Development of Customer Relationship Management and Business Analytics System
  • CRM
  • BAS

CRM is an electronic enterprise management system that simplifies the processes of interaction with customers, accelerates and automates business processes.
By implementing a CRM system, you will receive the following advantages:
1. Do not miss a single customer request
2. You will be able to analyze the financial indicators of the enterprise (profitability, cost, stock balances) 3. You will be able to control the work of employees (salary, KPI, IP telephony)
4. The ability to work from any device anywhere (the system is in cloud storage, all employees have access 24/7 from any device)
5. Convenient financial control system of the company (invoicing, document flow, reports)
6. Loyalty system (discounts) for customers (the system allows you to personalize prices for customers)


  • The cost is formed based on the complexity of the project and the terms of reference

Stages of work:

  • Task formation and analytics
  • Writing a technical assignment
  • Signing the contract
  • Interactive prototype
  • Interface design
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Maintenance and support

Launch stages

1. Analytics

We collect comprehensive information about the goals and objectives of the customer. We study similar existing projects, identify their strengths and weaknesses. We develop the most successful implementation concept.

2. Prototyping

The prototype gives the most accurate picture of the future project. It is necessary to develop a competent structure and the most successful and easy to understand navigation system.

3. Interface design

We create a design in which convenience is as important as appearance, which allows you to comfortably and productively use the project for its intended purpose and creates the right atmosphere, which ultimately significantly increases the conversion.

4. Layout and coding

We use modern technologies: Bootstrap, React Native, Vue, Python, Angular.

5. Testing

The project is almost ready! It remains for us to check how it is displayed on various devices under different browsers.

6. Launch

The project is ready, we are training your staff to interact with the content management system of the site.


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