Car transportation in a covered tow truck will protect it from chips and dirt.
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We carry out transportation not only in the USA, but also in Europe.

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Logistics Services

We are a direct transport company with a top-notch professional team in the transportation industry in terms of quality and speed. Bril-Holding was established in 2008 and is already recognized as a nationwide expert in freight forwarding services. Our fleet includes enclosed and open transportation, which gives flexibility for any need. We can transport in any direction and to any US state.

Safety features of our fleet are the #1 priority. Specialized training and tests have been well-established over the years. In addition, standardization of work on loading and unloading, live service that allows you to track the location of a car, carrier liability insurance, high professionalism of drivers guarantee the safety of the cargo and minimize the impact of external factors. Submit a form or call us directly, and our specialist will be able to get the lowest and most beneficial rate for both parties. We are welcome to establish partnerships with both companies and individuals.

Our advantages

  • Own fleet of auto transporters
  • Scheduled movement accurate to the hour
  • Regional partners working according to standards
  • Carrier liability insurance

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Car transportation
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Maintenance and repair of equipment
Dispatching services
Training of drivers and dispatchers
Training the owners of transport companies
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